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Largest Legal Music Library in Victoria BC

A Reception to remember with dj daddy mack 100% guaranteed (ask about this)

Music Mix Examples:

Ulitimite wedding  Party Mix:

Big Band Jazz Dinner drinks mix:

Hindi Pop Mix:

Top Japanese hit mix:

Bar Mitzvah Party Mix:

Quineanera party mix:

Jewish 8 days of Hanukkah Party mix:

Christian EDM Pop mix:

Russian Hip Hop:

Country & Pop Party Mix:

Portageses Party Mix:

French Party Mix:

Ultimate Reception Party Mix:

French 60's Bastile Event Mix:



We want to make "your" wedding “your day" with "your music" We make you and your wishes the centre of attention and we do everything we can to make it as stress free and fun as we can including: All the music you want & all you do not wish to hear. Click Here to see 10 reasons how we treat all our Customer

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You Tube Weddings Links Click Links

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Hanna Allen 2017:
Bob Jenny Anniversary 2017:
Firmin & Rachelle 2018:

Janes Birthday 2018:

Nadine Paul wedding 2018:

Father Mack Sarah wedding 2019:

Tropical Wedding  Victoria 2019:

Wedding Aug 2019 Kayle Nichole

Tylar james September 2019 Wedding:

Hali & Margaret 2019:

Emily & Alisa 2019:



  • Providing music styles custom designed for your guests
  • Providing your MC printed list of what to do to make the reception run smoothly

  • A DJ Daddy Mack gift basket
  • Custom designed Request Sheets for the tables
  • A collection of to 20 songs on a Custom CD
  • "DJ Daddy Mack Brings you back to the music you Love!"
  • Free 2 hour Music consultations for weddings included in deposit
  • Services offered

  • Also ask about our DJ-911 Emergency DJ Service

  • In advance of the Event Day, a consultation assures that clients will have the package that best suits their needs and desires. Event packages include:

    • DJ with 40+ years experience
    • Cordless microphone
    • Complete setup and teardown
    • Sound system
    • Minimum 1.5 Hour set up time before event at no extra cost
    • Co-ordination with the venue
    • we put together your music to play and music not to play
    • 100,000 legal digital songs
    • CPDJA & Connect Music Licensing certified music services
    • Our Music Types
    • Customise Your Reception Cost Per Add On Product

      • Ceremony 2 Hours = $100.00
      • Dinner Music 2 Hours = $100.00

      Social Media Coverage is complimentary

For costs of wedding packages please email or call

All Weddings done by DJ Daddy Mack Sound & design will get 50% of thier first anniversary celebration

"DJ Daddy Mack Brings you back to the music you Love!"


If using Barter Pay I will just need $100.00 in Cash above the cost in T$ to cover insurance



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