10 Unique things Rod DJ Daddy Mack Does for all events & Customers

  1. After getting a deposit I meet with My customers and talk about the event. Also discuss music appropriate for the event, (to avoid offending persons, we have a huge music library of clean lyric popular songs) age of the crowds and disabilities etc.

  2. Then for a regular event i.e. birthday, BBQ, special celebration I print off a Sheet asking them to fill out Music they would want  & music they don’t want.

  3. If it’s a wedding I have multiple forms, i.e. music for each event throughout the wedding, Times of each event, also a family MC frame work for their family member get through this wedding day . A music consultation of 2 hours at no charge about all music.

  4. For all events I also custom design up to 20 request sheets (a memory of special day item) for tables with a custom designed header on the sheets. At no cost

  5. I take about an hour to custom design CD’s & CD labels for the event (at no cost) and give my customers 4 custom party mix CD’s of the music, theme of the event (a memory of special day). Or what they would like in music, this is for them to have some swag to give to persons who have helped very much in event prep.

  6. I have multiple sound systems, so after talking to customer knowing the size of the venue, I pick appropriate size system for the event. Most events are social gathering so if a DJ is trying too hard at being loud then you lose the feeling of, and the ability to interact at the event.

  7. I will set up as early as I can so if you need to decorate around my Sound system and light show I will accommodate.

  8. Rod DJ Daddy Mack is very aware of persons with disabilities. So I will always ask about customers or particiapants in any and all events! Physical disabilties I can make some suggestions for any venue that does not accomdate. Also any mentally challenged person my laser lighting or DJ lighting in general could effect that person. This is the 11th reason DJ Daddy Mack Sund & Design is #1 for any event

  9. I also guarantee my shows 100% if curious when you hire me just ask.

  10. Rod DJ Daddy Mack is the only Victoria DJ currently working that holds down 2 BC DJ spin off championships so if you’re looking for a club feel or a smooth song transition for the time of the event DJ Daddy Mack has the national mixing experience!

    What do you get when hiring dj daddy mack?

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We can also design posters, webpages or T-shirts, for your event designed by jagworksdesigns

Please note about our services that a contract must be signed and sent e-mailed or dropped of to this company as soon as possible
5 day minimum, or loss of service & deposit will apply..

Services offered

In advance of the Event Day, a consultation assures that clients will have the package that best suits their needs and desires. Event packages includes: