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Largest Legal Music Library in Victoria BC

"DJ Daddy Mack Brings you back to the music you Love!"

"How powerful can music be for your Event?"

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Largest Legal Music Library in Victoria BC

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Beach House Cordova Bay:

Glenlyon Norfolk Decades-A-glow:

after wedding party to dance:

10 year anniversary:

Halloween 2018 Spencer School:

50th Birthday Oakbay Beach Hotel:

4 mile pub christmas party:

Wedding in Duncan BC:

Opening for the victoria symphony 2018:

operation trackshoes uvic disabled event:

tropical wedding theme:

DJ Dady Mack Quineanera Party:

C.U.P.e. Christmas with DJ fernando:

4 mile pub new years eve:















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Please note about our services that a contract must be signed and sent e-mailed or dropped of to this company as soon as possible
5 day minimum, or loss of service & deposit will apply..

Services offered

In advance of the Event Day, a consultation assures that clients will have the package that best suits their needs and desires. Event packages includes:

  • DJ with 30+ years experience
    • Cordless microphone
    • Complete setup and teardown
    • Sound system
    • Minimum 1 Hour set up time before event at no extra cost
    • Coordination with the venue
    • Do-not-play list
    • Do Play List
    • 100,000 various of all types of digital songs
    • CMIA & AVLA DJ certified music services
    • Our Music Types
    • Also ask about our DJ-911 Emergency DJ Service
    • "DJ Daddy Mack Brings you back to the music you Love!"